Friday, December 15, 2006

This blog is to share experiences about Satpal Rawat [of Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti] .

Is he a guru .. a master or a politician?

should politics and religion be coupled ?

should money be taken from poor during darshan to create ashrams and life lavish lifestyles?

is spiritulatity inherited (since his children are now also GURUS) ?


mrf said...

I remember Satpal (or Bal Bhagwanji as he was known then) in the early 1970's.

He was then not a guru, but the lieutenant as it were of his younger brother Prem Rawat, who was then the Satguru or true guru of the times.

This is really just a test post to see if this blog works, as there are no posts yet. If so, I will post more...

-- Mike

Don Eales said...

I remember BBJ, he was the guy who said that the aliens were coming to The Astrodome in '73.
I liked him but he was a bit of a mummy's boy. I believe he got very fat and hangs with his brother Bhole, that's the guy with the James Last fixation and a very shiny suit.

FME said...

At the court case between Satpal and Prem Rawat, the judge asked them what the greatest sin is.
Prem said something like 'forgetting you creator' and Satpal said 'jealousy', which says it all.

So now we have 2 Rawats who have rewritten their own history to suite their own narcissitic egos.

Oh yes, one more thing. In that court case the judge told them they were both wrong. The greatest sin is telling lies in god's name.

Had that been a religious court, they both would have been condemed.

FME said...

to the blog writer:

Are his children now gurus? Please explain

Suraj said...

yes now his children ae also gurus and give satsang also !!!

satpal's Wife is now into politics !!

Anonymous said...

all these gurus are thieves in english. They just misguide people and I have seen half naked people whi dont have proper clothes to wear putting money on satpal's feet.Its pathetic !!! Such people should be tried in court !!

Anonymous said...

" I have seen half naked people whi dont have proper clothes to wear putting money on satpal's feet.Its pathetic !!!"

Just like his brother Prem, he takes money from the poor.

Anonymous said...

Prem seems to cultivate the rich.

Also Satpal?

Do the children give Darhsan and give Prasad and Charanamrit?

Anonymous said...

spirituality and its blunders:
i) Hans married for the second time. Why? Could it be that he needed atleast a boy which his first wife could not.
ii) Was his marriage legal? Usually Hindus, if he was one, are allowed to marry only once.
iii) Did he divorce his first wife? If he did why did she keep living with him?
iv) How come his daughter and her children never got the same respect which his second wife got?
v) Why did she find it necessary to leave her own residence in Dehradun and joined Prem Pal?
vi) Did she leave or was she forced out by Satpal?
vii)Mahipal's children are worshipped as grand children of Hans but Prem Pals are not. Could it be due to the fact that they were mixed breed?
viii) Why are other grand daughters of Hans not included in the list of holy members?
ix) Why are daughters of Dharam Pal not holy? Could it be that in addition to being mixed breed they, at least Navlata - Navi Rawat, are also stars in Hollywood?
x) Why are so manny slaves including Mahatmas and Bais leaving his Darabar? Could it be that they are finally seeing the light of the day?
xi) There was supposed to be only one guru, who owns everything and without his consent not even a leaf moves. Who then gave the rights to Hans's second wife to remove him and replace him with Satpal?
xii) Was marrying foreigners too much for Rajeshawari to digest?
xiii) Why was Divine Light Mission and Divya Sandesh Parishad allowed to disappear? Who had the right to disband something which Hans created?
xiv) As a guru why doesn't Prem or Satpal give the knowledge himself? They rely on life long slaves to do this work and propagate three things serve, meditate and propagate. This means you live miserably while we live in the most luxurious environment any one could find.
xv) Are these holy people not afraid of what will happen to them? If they are so holy why could satpal not cure his father in law from his deadly disease? Why could not Mahipal fix problems his firts daughter is facing? Why could not anyone stop Dharampal singh - Raja's divorce from happening.
xvi) Why are these holy people into politics? Why arent satpal's brothers and their families helping him and his wife at election times? If anything some of their folowers are actually working against him / her?
xvii) Why did he lose his election three times? Why did he resign in the end? Could it be that he could not convince people that he was the only God in the world?
xviii) Aren't his Bais and Mahatmas afraid that by propagating his views they are also guilty of a sin or sins?
xix)Why is it that there own children are allowed to marry but those of their slaves are not?
xx) It is alright for you to leave your family to serve Satpal but it is not for Prempal or Dharampal to even love their legally married wives?
xxi) How long will they be able to fool all the people all the time?

Anonymous said...

well.. it's like I said!

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Anonymous said...

The article should have said,"A life long slave got out of Satpal's camp and is now sought for leaving

Employee decamps with MP's valuables
By: Atul Krishan Date: 2011-05-23 Place: Delhi

The accused made away with gold, cash and medical documents from the official residence of Satpal Maharaj

A long time employee of Member of Parliament Satpal Maharaj made away with his important documents and valuables from his official residence. According to the police, the incident occurred on May 8, two days after the MP had left Delhi for Kochi. The accused identified as Bhanu Bhai, a native of Gujarat, had been working with the MP for the last 25 years.

Robbed: Satpal Maharaj. File pic

A senior police official said the personal secretary of the MP, Vikas, filed a complaint with the police in which he said that Bhanu had committed the theft from the MP's official bungalow at 28 Mahadev Road. "Initially, the MP's staff did not approach the police as they were trying to apprehend the accused on their own. They told the police that Bhanu had been staying in Aligarh till May 19 as his call was traced to that place. They decided to approach the police only after Bhanu's cell phone was switched off," said a police official.

The official added the accused had made away with a golden bracelet of Maharaj, a wrist watch, Rs 80,000 in cash, a golden chain besides medical files and some other important documents of the MP. Talking to MiD DAY, Maharaj, who is the MP from Garhwal and chairman of Standing Committee on Defence said, "I am aware of the theft. I am now in Kochi and will talk about the matter after I return to Delhi."

Anonymous said...

Bhole Ji
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The Falcon ®

03/07/2011, 13:53:10
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The 'Lord of Music', 'Shiva Incarnate' has broken away from Satpal and set up his own operation. There is a telling sentence in the biography of Mata Ji which states, 'her work is being continued and expanded by Mata Mangla Ji (wife of Shri Bhole Ji Maharaj)'. The family biz fragments even further!

Bhole Ji is extraordinarily rich from his energy drink business so I suspect that he has set this operation up in order to honour his father and not for just for the money (that makes a change for that family!). Will Raja Ji jump ship for a better paid option? Watch this space! Place your bets.

Anonymous said...

Satpal Ji Maharaj Ki Vastavikta aur Shishya Samaj

Anonymous said...
Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat has sought the "advice" of the Congress high command, as the party is facing onslaught from the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has been demanding a CBI probe and removal of Cabinet Minister Amrita Rawat, over an alleged 'subsidy scam'.

Amrita, the wife of senior Congress leader and MP Satpal Maharaj, had given horticulture subsidy to her husband and son.

"Since the issue relates to a senior Congress leader, the CM was seeking the advice of the party high command," said sources. The state horticulture department, which Amrita was heading, gave huge financial assistance to her family members to set up polyhouses for horticulture cultivation.

Although Amrita admitted that the subsidy was given to her husband and son, she claimed no norms were violated.

Anonymous said...
New Delhi: Senior Congress leader from Uttarakhand, Satpal Maharaj, quit the party on Friday, with less than a month to go for the general elections.

Maharaj, who represents the Pauri Garhwal constituency in the Lok Sabha, had last week announced that he will not contest the Lok Sabha polls. He cited the neglect of party workers as the reason behind his decision to quit the Congress.

M said...
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